Top 3 Accident Report Sites to Consult When Buying Used


Purchasing a secondhand car or truck can be a challenging endeavor, particularly if you are not particularly knowledgeable about autos. Each car and truck has its own mysterious past, but there is a way to determine whether or not these automobiles have been in an accident in the past or whether they are in the excellent condition that their owner claims they are in. There are services available that may determine the history of an automobile by using its VIN (vehicle identifying number) to determine whether or not it has ever been in an accident or been used as evidence in a crime. Looking for reliable accident report sites for used car research? Check out top ideas at! When looking to purchase a used vehicle, the following are three websites that provide accident report information.

The Most Popular: Car Fax

Car Fax was the first and largest VIN checker ever created, and the company rose to prominence thanks to the reliability of its service and the speed with which it delivered data. Car Fax charges a cost, but for the month that you pay the money, you are allowed unlimited searches, which is useful if you intend to check the VIN history of more than one vehicle. These reports are the most detailed available and contain a wide range of information, such as the number of prior owners, the results of any state inspections, and a history of any accidents that resulted in a total loss. Don’t buy a used car without first finding out if it’s been in any accidents. Learn about the best sites for accident reports by perusing .

The Reliable: Auto Check

Auto Check is second in popularity only to Car Fax, and they have become a cherished website for their additional used car listings and dealerships. Auto Check also has a free mobile app so that you can check the VIN instantly when looking at a used car. Simply scan the VIN with your smartphone and the app will run a search no matter where you are. They also have a unique Auto Check Score that they apply to all vehicles that give an idea of the impact the car’s past has on its current value. 

The Free Alternative: NICB

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has taken the steps to start offering free VIN check services on its website. This is a good option for those people who are on a budget, or the people getting a car from a friend or family member but still want peace of mind. Although many people balk at paying the price these sites charge, it would probably be in their best interest to get the check done. After all, if you aren’t aware that your new car was in an accident, it will drastically reduce its resale value when the next person finds out that it was involved in an accident. Don’t take the chance when it comes to a used car, and get the background check done. recommends using the top three accident report sources before purchasing a secondhand vehicle.