New or Reclaimed: Which Way to Go with Stones for Your House


Whether you are building a house or renovating one, stones are extremely versatile as a means of stable, durable support as well as decoration. Hence, it is quite common for people interested in a decent place to live in to use stones for their driveways, pavements, and so on. However, not all stones are the same: stones and reclaim supplies keep both new and old stones. Which is suitable for you depends on your budget and on what kind of look you want to go with. Both new and reclaimed stones have different advantages in terms of use and aesthetic ambiance. Find out whether stones are better for your house: those that are newly quarried or those that have been reclaimed. Green House Shion is happy to provide you with professional guidance so that you can make the best decision for your house. Here are a few ways they are different.

1. New Stones

These can be bought straight from the shop and are freshly cut and prepared stones. These stones have a clear, fresh texture with a sharp and distinct finish. These are great choices if you want new bricks, slates, tiles, or other exotic stones such as Indian stone or granite, you can opt for the new stones if said texture suits your body. New stones are typically very suitable for walls. Also, they are suitable if you’re after giving your house the ‘new’ look, but keep in mind that new stones have no “character” and that your house will not look homely for several years, possibly decades. Also, new stones are typically more expensive although, in terms of quality, they virtually equal reclaimed ones.

2. Reclaimed Stones

Reclaimed stones are stones that were previously used for some purpose and have been taken back once the structure involved was broken down. For example, the stone used in paving an old house is not thrown away; it is taken back by stone and reclaimed supplies. Reclaimed stones can be relatively new to very old. This doesn’t usually affect how good they are, because stones are quite stable and durable. Because they are second-hand, reclaimed stones are also considerably bit cheaper than new stones. This doesn’t entirely mean that they are low-quality or have nothing unique and valuable to offer. At , you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of building your home with newly quarried stones as opposed to those made from recycled materials. 

Many homeowners have preferred to have reclaimed stones in their houses because stones that have seen several seasons go by, have been in the sun and rained on for hours and days, develop a smoother texture and look that is called “character”.  Stones that have been reclaimed do not have sharp edges or that barren jagged look. They are smooth and mature and are often a brilliant choice for pavements or other areas of the house that can or might involve human contact; new stones may be better in some ways, but touching a stone that has been around for fifty years is a much better feeling.

There are several varieties of stones, both new and reclaimed. It is a good idea for homeowners to consider the type and count of stones before deciding on whether reclaimed ones are good for them. Learn from the professionals how to select the ideal stone for your house at here .