Major Types Of Furniture Design Differences

Furniture Design

When it comes to furniture design, the majority of people won’t be able to appreciate anything further than the aesthetics of a piece but there exist different tiers of knowledge to come to grasp. One interesting question that comes up time and time again is the difference between traditional and contemporary furniture design; at least on countless Tumblr blogs. You can also visit this website for useful information about the latest design furniture for your house. Obviously, furniture design courses will do a better job of solving this question, but with the limited time, we’ll give it a go in this article.

Traditional Furniture:

Traditional furniture design is in the classics, made primarily with materials that have been around for centuries; wood, natural fabrics and the like. Aesthetically speaking traditional furniture is usually adorned with heavy carvings and is quite solid in size; that is to say big and heavy. There are different variations of traditional furniture design jobs which have each garnered moniker of their own; these include early American, Federal and Colonial which refer to various contexts within the pieces creation. Early American was usually created with a focus on comfort while Federal was more patriotic in design as a tribute to its country of origin. Some famous early furniture designers include Thomas Chippendale and rare pieces were specifically tailored to royalty. If you want to learn more about different types of furniture, visit this website for useful information.

Contemporary Furniture:

When it comes to contemporary furniture design in London, more creative expression has been had in the last century than had previously ever been seen. As such this variation of furniture broke tradition which set itself apart quite literally and incorporated more modern materials such as steel, glass and even plastics. Whereas traditional is about aesthetic statement, contemporary is about function and practicality; as such modern furniture tends to be harder, sharper and less ornate. One of the most important styles of contemporary furniture is without a doubt Bauhaus and can often be spotted by clean lines albeit with metallic finishes that give the design a cold feel.

The Difference is yours

Ultimately the difference between these two types of furniture design is actually moot with the biggest reason being your own personal taste. If you’re looking for aesthetic, opulent designs then traditional is the way to go; rich mahogany desks are perfect for that antique unique study look and is almost assuredly going to give you air of the scholarly. However, if you’re going for a bachelor pad in the city aesthetic then almost certainly modern or contemporary furniture design is the way to go. Either way, these two types of furniture design are going to be around for a long time making them a great investment for home decor. You can also check out this website to get detailed information about furniture design, interior designing, and home décor as well.