Does Your Home Need a Quiet Time Policy?

Home Need a Quiet Time Policy

Many college dorms have clearly defined quiet hours. The purpose of these hours is to give students time to study in peace, as well as get the sleep they need without being interrupted. Although your kids may be more than a decade away from going to college, that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a similar policy.

Between school, activities, friends, and all the distractions that technology can create, it’s easy to feel like you’re caught in a constant whirlwind. While there’s nothing wrong with staying busy, many parents find it challenging to find the right balance between busy and resting. Not only do kids need to get enough sleep each night to do their best, but there are certain important responsibilities like homework that simply can’t be done well in the middle of a flurry of activity.

If you’ve been thinking about creating this type of policy around your home, learn more about it on the website why it’s a good idea, as well as how you can implement it.

What are the Benefits?

When kids don’t have enough time to properly take care of all their homework, things are going to fall through the cracks. Since this can create a lot of stress for a child, not only will giving them a clearly defined quiet time keep their grades up, but it will also prevent them from feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, since this type of routine will allow them to get a good sleep every night, they’ll have all the energy they need to feel and do their best during their days. To know more about quiet time benefits, click the website

Putting a Quiet Time Policy in Place

The specifics of this type of policy can vary from family to family. However, there are some basic guidelines that can help you get started with figuring out what’s the right fit for your family. Since the main goal of quiet time is to wind down while still taking care of some important tasks, most families find that starting this routine after dinner works best. Once everyone has finished eating, you can have your kids leave their cell phones and/or iPods in the kitchen. With all TVs off, let them know that it’s time for them to focus on homework. What do quiet hours mean? To learn the solution, visit

If one of your children needs to use a computer to do their homework, make sure it’s done in a room where you can keep an eye on them. Supervision will prevent them from drifting off to distracting sites like Facebook or Twitter. You’ll probably want to experiment with a few different quiet time durations to see what works best based on how much homework your children usually have at night. Since all their work will be done in a calm setting, once they’re done, it will create a nice transition for them to fully wind down and head to bed.