Advice on Getting a Job

Getting a Job

As unemployment figures rise in some countries due to rapidly changing economics, globalization, and the demise of primary and secondary industries, it has become increasingly important for unemployed people to put their best foot forward when it comes to job-seeking. In fact, quickly growing technology such as AI and robotics is predicted to take over so many jobs now done by humans that it may create a huge wave of unemployment and social problems. Now, more than ever, it is time to get out of that resume and learn how to market yourself. If you want to know more about resume settings click the website and read what professional resume writers have to say about it.

What Does a Good Resume Look Like?

Even though many companies are now using the web and social media to advertise available positions, the humble resume or CV still remains a key way for candidates to present themselves to potential employers. Of course, resume designs tend to vary widely, but a good resume that works should include the following things:

  • Clear design: It has become trendy in some circles to over-design resumes and CVs. Additional design elements are fine if you are in an industry that values them, such as graphic design, but going overboard is not a good idea. Keeping text legible and using a font that can be read easily are the cornerstones of a good resume. Companies like Apple and Google have actually hurt good design because they have been prioritizing small, low-contrast grey type on a white background. This has had the effect of influencing some job-
  • Profile and skills: Right up front, employers want to know who you are and what skills you can offer. By adding a skill area to the first page, you tell employers immediately where your strengths are. A succinct profile section underneath contact details will also lead employers into who you are, what you want in a role, and what you can offer them.
  • Length: Lengthy and verbose resumes and CVs are not a good idea. If possible, it is ideal to keep them to no more than 3 pages. If you have an extensive employment history that is taking up a lot of room, dispense with anything more than a decade old. If there is a job that is relevant from more than a decade ago, you can include it but only list the job title, the company name, and the dates of employment.
  • Title page: Do not include a title page. Apart from the fact that your contact details should be above your profile section on the first page, a title page simply adds an extra page that is unnecessary and doesn’t provide any useful information. Are you looking for a perfect Good Resume Looks? If yes, then visit, it is the best website to know about Good Resume Looks in detail.

Staying On Top of the Job Search

It may seem daunting to get a job in BKK or elsewhere but by using some common sense, preparing an easy-to-read and good-looking resume, and marketing yourself, you stand a good chance. Even as unemployment figures spiral in some areas, a resume that showcases your skills and experience clearly will always be considered favorably.

The world of employment has changed so rapidly in the past decade that it can seem difficult to stay up-to-date. The key thing to remember is that employers now have more channels than ever to use to advertise the positions available, and it is incumbent upon all job-seekers to check as many channels as possible including websites and social media. To help you with the perfect resume, click here to learn more about Good Resume skills.